Indian Pottery and Oyster Shell Necklace

Handmade locally by Katy King of Oysterdrift Jewelry
"Local Indian Heritage and Natural Elements Revived Aesthetically"
"Indian artifacts combined with nature's oyster shells accentuated into exquisite handmade jewelry.  The Indian pottery and oyster shells are found together along the Gulf Coast waterways and date hundreds to thousands of years old.  There are unique design aspects on and about many of these pottery shards that depict their time period and thus vast uses by the Indians.  Many Indians harvested oysters and flourished along the waterways because it was at one time a thriving trade route for many.  The Indian pottery and oyster shells are all collected by a father and daughter that greatly appreciate their history and thus recreate them into unique, one of a kind pieces of jewelry."

 Disclaimer : All jewelry is very similar but custom, meaning there will be variations in every piece of art.  All are unique in their own way!

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